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Bergamot, the recipe for healthy living

In view of the launch of BergaNET, the newspaper La Gazzetta del Sud interviewed us to prepare two pages on our reality. Here is the translation of the carrier piece.

The properties of bergamot become the recipe for healthy living

In May the results of the research developed by H&AD will be presented in Geneva

Nutraceuticals: the word we read more and more often turns 30 years old. Coined in 1989 by Stephen L. De Felice (founder and president of “The Foundation for Innovation in Medicine”), it is the union of “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, and includes various products, but above all food supplements. Nutraceuticals are completely natural and help psychophysical wellness: they prevent chronic diseases, improve health, delay the aging process, promote longevity, strengthen the body and certain bodily functions.

In Italy there is a register of food supplements: every new product must be approved by the Ministry of Health, so scientific research is at the base of nutraceutical production.
What does nutraceuticals have to do with Calabria, and in particular with the Reggio Ionian band? So much, so much. And not only because ours is the territory of Magna Graecia, developed around the example and teachings of Hippocrates, the founding father of Western medicine, who advised “make food be your medicine”. Ours is the territory in which natural products are still found, which can be used for the creation of excellent supplements, but above all it is the only territory where bergamot reaches maturity. Still he, the green gold: we now know all the beneficial properties of citrus bergamia. The most recent research, conducted by Professor Vincenzo Mollace, leaves no doubt: the bergamot juice was recognized by the local population as a precious ally against cholesterol and the dry extract of the polyphenolic fraction (BPF, Bergamot Polyphenolic Fraction) has anti-lipidemic actions, anti-atherogenic, hypoglycemic and vascular protection. The control of the effects of aging is another of its characteristics, but not the only one: it is sufficient to visit H&AD, Herbal & Antioxidant Derivatives, to understand how, starting from bergamot and combining other natural extracts (from olive to artichoke, to give some examples), we can give important answers to the well-being of each of us.

In an aging society that requires maintenance, if not a continuous improvement of the organism, taking care of oneself in a natural way is a way that guarantees excellent results. the demand for nutraceuticals increases, and territories like ours, rich in natural and unique products, become very important. H&AD has been participating for years in international meetings and seminars, where it is called to present the results of scientific research which are a fundamental part of the company’s work, and produces ingredients for the major pharmaceutical companies. “But it is not enough” explains Maria Concetta Tripodi, who runs the company with the architect Giuseppe Lombardo. «The uniqueness of the products of our territory must be further enhanced and protected: this is served by Berganet, the bergamot supply chain which we are working with experts in the sector, such as Professor Vittorio Caminiti – it is no coincidence that the headquarters is in the Museum of the Bergamot of Reggio Calabria – to guarantee the ever increasing number of requests for our citrus fruit, until a few years ago it was the exclusive prerogative of the perfume industry. And we are continuing to seek, study, isolate the many riches that our land gives us. The Ionian province of Reggio Calabria has climatic and morphological characteristics that everyone envies us: we are studying every plant, every herb, to extract the best of a land that needs to be known and valued for its unique and identifying nature ».

In May, H&AD ingredients and products will fly to Geneva to present themselves to Vitafood, the most important international nutraceutical salon. Meanwhile, new products are preparing to enter the Italian market. Or rather, as Tripodi explains, in homes: “once tried nutraceutical products it becomes difficult to do without them”.