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The real novelty of vitafood 2019

The presence of H&AD in Geneva (7- 9 May) was hailed by all as the only real novelty of the international nutraceutical expo

summary of the press review

The judgment is almost unanimous: many have called it “the only real novelty of Vitafood 2019”.

H&AD, a company that has been operating for years in the heart of Locride and has joined the BERGANET chain since its inception, has returned from Geneva, where the international exhibition dedicated to nutraceuticals was held from 7 to 9 May, with so many rewards, but above all with excellent contacts to further expand the nutritional properties of the bomber.

It’s called BPF ®, and it’s 100% natural: the polyphenols derived from bergamot are very rich in internationally recognized properties. An increasing number of international companies that produce nutraceutical supplements and preparations use it for their leading products. Bringing the great benefits of our bergamot to the world.