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ingredients and raw materials

ingredients and raw materials

We know that the effectiveness of food supplements is largely dictated by the quality of its raw ingredients. Since we started working in the field of nutraceuticals, we have established ourselves among the best suppliers of raw materials in the world. We work only the vegetable matrices that we can cultivate directly or of which we can test the absolute quality during cultivation and production.

There has been discussing for some time the quality of the raw materials used in the ever-growing market of nutraceuticals and food supplements.
Possible risks apply to all imported raw materials: not all meet high quality standards, because not all countries require it. The more complex the extraction process, the more attention should be paid. For example: in products derived from fermentation or requiring the use of solvents there is the risk that toxic contaminants are present.
In Italy the standard of commercial products is on average high, usually there are no such problems, but in the world there are many lower standards.

While waiting for each country to adopt stringent regulations, there are companies that are attentive to every single phase of the production chain. Like ours: it is no coincidence that most of the nutraceutical products derived from bergamot, produced by the largest international companies, have chosen to use our extracts.

Since we have been operating, we have adopted an absolute rigor and very high quality standards since the cultivation and supply of the plants from which they extract the natural ingredients. Quality that rises as production processes are refined.

Basically an integrator is of quality if the raw materials are not contaminated, in particular from heavy metals, if it does not contain potentially toxic substances (metabolites) developed during the production process, if it presents a correct concentration and purification of the active ingredients, if the processing of the active ingredients is conducted with techniques that allow optimal absorption by the body.
Compliance with the law is not enough, in our opinion: we prefer to anticipate what we hope will soon be rules adopted by all, with continuous controls. Our laboratories do continuous research, supported by the laboratories of the best universities of chemistry and pharmacology.

We directly produce our raw materials, derived from equally tested and controlled natural matrices directly or through the quality of production. Our quality production standards are in compliance with the main national and international certifications, such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (Haccp), ISO 9001:2015; ISO 22:000, Organic, Halal, Kosher standards.