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Contribution of fibers in the normal diet is accounted for better balance of digestive process, reduced glucose and fat absorption and increased fecal mass leading to overall benefits for animals as well as human health.
The Albedo of BERGAMOT fruit represents a source of selected fibers which contribute in increasing the bulk in your stool; an effect that helps to cause movement of intestines. Moreover, BERGAMOT fibers are rich in antioxidants and nutrients able to improve digestive disorders.


BERGAMOT represents a unique and surprising source of natural derivatives which are widely used for supplementing current diet, mainly in athletes and older subjects. BERGAMOT derivatives are known to provide relevant contribution of antioxidants, vitamins, vegetal proteins and fibers in the way claimed for the traditional Mediterranean Diet.
This mixture of active ingredients, micronized to enhance their absorption, provide a unique and clinically proven contribution in supporting animal as well as human health.

Date 09 Sep, 2019

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