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The essential oil of bergamot is extracted with cold pressing of the peel of the fruit.
The essence of bergamot is very precious in the cosmetic field for the preparation of perfumes: it is used as a fixative.

The essential oil applied to the skin is an excellent disinfectant, sebum regulator and antibacterial. In the treatment of acne and blackheads, just 3 drops combined with moisturizing cream or tonic are enough to achieve an astringent effect. It serves as a natural remedy for halitosis, used in the form of rinses: 5 drops in a glass of water, to be repeated at least twice a day. Its antibacterial properties also make it useful for the treatment of abscesses and infections of the oral cavity, such as stomatitis.
Also effective in treating genito-urinary tract infections, such as cystitis and leucorrhoea, as an anti-spasmodic for colic and intestinal parasites. It reduces the symptoms of meteorism and flatulence and helps to stimulate digestion and appetite (up to 6 drops diluted in water, to be taken at least once a day, is enough).

It is also used to combat depression, stress and ease tension: it helps reduce states of agitation, instilling the right serenity and calm. It is a natural remedy also useful for those suffering from insomnia, because it induces a condition of greater relaxation: just pour 10 drops in an essence diffuser or in the radiator humidifier.