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H&AD – Herbal & Antioxidant Derivatives – is an Italian company that develops and markets food supplements and nutraceuticals in more than 20 countries in Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia.

We aim at offering high standards of quality products, 100% natural, supported by solid research and evidence-based proofs of their effectiveness for patients. Our focus on health care and nutraceuticals derives from centuries of traditional experience and use of Mediterranean fruits and natural medicine.

Alongside with pre-clinical and clinical studies proving our products effectiveness, we adopted the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, based on the use of vegetables and citrus derivatives. Within this context, we re-evaluated the use of Bergamot, which has been adopted for centuries in traditional medicine to improve blood flow and reduce arthrosclerosis. Bergamot differs from the other varieties of Citrus for high content of polyphenols, that are natural compounds best known for their antioxidant effects. Today, H&AD is considered one of the top ranking companies in the area of Bergamot derivatives and natural products.

H&AD is the owner of several patents concerning both the extraction procedures and the therapeutic efficiency of its products.
Over the years it has attracted the attention of pharmaceutical industry for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties in: Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Dermatology.

H&AD is partner with the Consortium Nutramed Scarl, Irccs San Raffaele La Pisana in Rome, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro – Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cirm Milan, Farmaflor, Massa Spin Off, Cnr.
H&AD is partner with the Consortium Nutramed Scarl, Irccs San Raffaele La Pisana in Rome, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Cirm Milan, Farmaflor, Massa Spin Off, Cnr.

our team

Giuseppe LombardoPresident

Architect, expert in environmental issues, he has worked on many projects related to the Environmental Emergency in the Calabria region. He was one of the discoverers of the manufacturing process to produce the phytocomplex from the bergamot fruit.

Vincenzo MollaceScientific Director

Former Director of the Department of Pharmacology at San Raffaele IRCCS Rome, Director of the IRC-FSH of Southern Italy, Full Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Catanzaro Magna Graecia, Italy. As from 1990, he started studying the effect of antioxidant compounds in protecting against atherosclerosis.

Mariaconcetta TripodiDirector

Chartered accountant, is a senior partner of iNExT studio, Projects and Consulting since 2000. She joined the company in 2009, since then she works as an economic and financial consultant for both H&AD srl and Local Authorities.

Domenico MalaraDirector of Production

Expert in industrial production and technological innovation since 1983, expecially in extraction and processing of Bergamot juice and essential oil. President of Association of Bergamot manufacturers, he has a profound knowledge of technological processes for the treatment of citrus fruits, finalized to the extraction of their aromatic and nutritional compounds.