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BergaNET ready to go

BergaNET ready to go

The official presentation of the new bergamot supply chain

Sunday 7 July, at the Bergamot Museum in Reggio Calabria, the usual annual appointment of Bergafest, organized by Vittorio Caminiti’s Bergamot Academy.
The scheme is the one consolidated by time and by the fortunate choices of the “ambassadors of bergamot” that every year are added to those of previous years. Who has been there knows it well: it is a party but also a moment of synthesis of the past year. Over the years Bergafest has become the best place to present the new goals achieved, the future prospects, the direction to take together.

This is the context of the first official presentation of Berganet: the architect Giuseppe Lombardo will illustrate the objectives and the strategic synthesis of the new bergamot supply chain.